Call of Cthulhu: Eternal Lies 13/2/2018

Call of Cthulhu: Eternal Lies 13/2/2018

Call of Cthulhu: Eternal Lies 13/2/2018
Call of Cthulhu Eternal Lies

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Warning - text and podcast contain spoilers for the Call of Cthulhu : Eternal Lies campaign

Howard in the gentlemens club tries to ascertain when Montgomery Donovan (MD) might frequent the establishment. The patrons recognise the name but inform him that he’s not been seen in the club for the past year.

It is established that MD owns a townhouse, Yacht (The Elegance) and Warehouse

Otto & Bastien decide to survey the yacht so they head to the marina where they get somewhat squiffy, chatting to some locals playing chess. They reveal that MD is seen every couple of weeks surrounded by an entourage of ‘heavies’.

The next day Otto and Eric rent a small fishing boat and watch the yacht, there’s no sign of activity.

Bastien and Howard stake out the warehouse where armed guards can be seen with rifles.

Bastien and Howard stake out the warehouse where armed guards can be seen with rifles.

Activity at the warehouse increases after 4pm with workers arriving and a posh car pulls up with 5 official-looking men inside. One of these is MD who is carrying a box.  After a while they return, carrying the box, and drive off.

That night Howard, Otto and Eric row out to the yacht, leaving to Bastien on watch on the shore.

Aboard the yacht the bar has been drunk dry.  Eric spots symbols daubed on the walls in a clear liquid where paintings have been removed, which the professor recognises as wards against witchcraft. The three search the cabins.

Back on the shore 2 burly men get in a motor boat, alerted by lights on the yacht.  Bastien tries to alert his comrades but the yacht is out of earshot above the sound of the motor.

On the yacht Howard discovers a cabin with fine dresses and Eric finds a copy of ‘The Cat who went to Heaven’, a children’s book.

Alerted by the motor all 3 hide in one cabin, as the men come downstairs.  A fight ensues – Howard and Otto dispatch the first man to enter the cabin, with sword and bottle.  The second is the overpowered and interrogated (somewhat brutally)  before being killed by Otto.

We learn that Nectar is being made in the warehouse and not locally, being shipped by sea for sale.  Dianna Hurtz is the head of security for the warehouse. DM has started drinking a lot recently.

More boats start from the shore, including police.  After so inability to start the thugs boat, we manage to get away and escape back to land.

Back at the Hotel a note is sent to to DM along with the children’s book that was found ‘For the little one, from your favourite uncle, hope to see you at the ex-pats club within the week’.

Next day, in the club, Howard is attacked and saved by Sir Godfrey, one of the Knights Templar. Sir Godfrey agrees to meet us at a future  date and join his struggle against this evil….

Please check out the fab journal of this campaign Eternal Lies – Campaign Notes and Letters

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